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Congratulations on nearing the end of high school!  We know that you’ve worked hard for this moment and that you’re really excited about the next step into college.  We also know, however, that paying for college is difficult.  To help you get there, any high school senior enrolled in the SALI program offered by LINC North Texas through AVID is eligible to apply for a scholarship.

We are looking for students who have leadership qualities.  Many of the best students have faced challenges throughout education and may not stand out from the crowd, so that is why we have designed this application to find out more about you.  Answer honestly!

We are taking character, academics, and financial need into consideration.  We are a faith-based organization, so your religion will be considered on the application but will not be a condition for receipt of a scholarship.  Use this application as a forum to share as much about yourself with the scholarship committee.  This is the committee’s only view into who you are.  Remember that SALI focuses on character, leadership, and your ability to grow and change as a member of your community.

This scholarship fund will award scholarships based on the amount of funds in the account.  The scholarship will be distributed in equal amounts among the first two semesters of college.  We encourage you to apply!  To receive the scholarship, you must attend a four-year college or university full-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and be a positive representation of LINC North Texas.  We may consider special situations.  In accordance with Federal law, LINC North Texas does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, or disability for this scholarship.

Your application will be reviewed by a committee and the recipients will be announced in early April.  If you receive a scholarship, you will be required to attend a banquet where you will be honored.

Please mail the entire application, with all attachments, to:

LINC North Texas
PO Box 702863
Dallas, TX 75370


Incomplete applications will not be accepted! Download our SALI Scholarhship Application 2016 now!

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