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The second element of SALI is the Family Nights. AVID requires their schools to host at least two family events per year. SALI takes the reins on this requirement and helps the school to host these, and further encourages them to schedule a third. LINC NT has found that these Family Nights are exceedingly important, not only to the parents but to the students and the success of AVID at a school.IMG_8626

SALI students and their parents are invited by the school to come in the evening for the Family Night. The school helps to host the event by providing food and drinks as far as school budgets allow. The objective of Family Night is to empower parents and build family connections. The parents hear about what their students have been learning in SALI classes and are encouraged to reinforce the lessons at home. LINC NT believes that home reinforcement will dramatically improve retention and application rates for class concepts. In many cases, the family relationship needs restoration, as many SALI families do not spend quality time together and have long lost the ability to resolve conflicts and work together.

Family Nights feature a variety of team-building games. Some of the favorite evenings feature parents and students coming together into the gym to play basic games and challenges together. Through these simple activities like tug-of-war and the blindfolded maze, families can rebuild the basic building blocks of communication. Many families have come to the night frustrated with each other and left in smiles. Family Nights also provide a time for parents to receive parenting tips and discussion in workshops taught in both English and Spanish. These workshops deal with issues like promoting right behavior, intelligent discipline, quality time, and creating an environment of peace and safety.

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