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SALI focuses on student character and leadership development and parental involvement. This program addresses critical issues in North Texas communities. In 2010, the longitudinal dropout rate in Dallas ISD was 13.2%, and many Hispanics already lag behind their grade level in most subjects by the start of kindergarten. Hispanics remain behind in careers after school: in 2009 only 19.2% of US Latinos aged 25-34 had an associate’s degree or higher. The national average was 41.1%. About 31% of the over-25 population of Dallas does not have a high school diploma or GED, and the median household wealth of white households was 18 times that of Hispanic households in 2009. When students fall behind in school, they often never recover.IMG_6814

LINC North Texas believes that the family contribution to education is critical. Studies universally agree that parental involvement and student academic achievement are positively correlated. One study of more than 16,000 students even found that family variables accounted for 93% of the students’ educational achievement. A closer analysis reveals that parents often feel they do not know how to relate to their teenage children. Parents and students fall victim to relationship dropout, weakening both their families and their communities. Research shows that effective family engagement programs are partnerships between parents, school staff, and community members. LINC NT hopes to be that partnership.

Research further shows that character education programs are effective at increasing developmental assets that help students pass successfully through adolescence and prepare for a successful transition into adult years. The more assets youth experience, the more likely they are to be found in a variety of thriving behaviors, the less likely they are to be found in high-risk behaviors, and the more likely they are to overcome challenges later in life. One study found that asset levels accounted for as much as half the difference in GPAs among students.


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