A Christmas Devotion from our Executive Director, Oscar Benavides

We sing and talk about joy and peace as prominent themes during this time of the year. Many describe this season as “magical” but I struggle to see the Bible describing Christmas in just fantasy terms.

Christmas StarTwo starkly different Christmases took place in Bethlehem because of two different kings that changed its history forever.

We always...

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giftsAfter distributing the gifts to the poor children, I left the church with sadness. This was the third year that I had led the “Angel Tree” project at our church. Since I am bilingual, I was the designated pastor to be the mediator between our Anglo, English-speaking church members and the community Spanish-speaking families. This supposed “honor” and “gift” of being able to relate to both...

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When I say the word “ministry” what is the first thing that pops into your head? The church, people, priest, servant hood, the poor? But I could almost bet on the fact that the word economics or finances doesn’t come to your head, at leas probably not immediately. I remember my favorite professor during my junior year in college said “You can find God addressing all the spheres of influence in just the first 2 chapters of Genesis, even economics.” I was blown away by this new concept: God is the creator of economics. Early after the creation, God instructed man how to rule the earth and subdue it, and part of this process includes managing. Also throughout the Bible we see a lot of examples of how to manage our finances personally and as a family unit; the principles and truths are there for us to discover and implement.

Here at LINC NT, our goal is to reach the...

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In times of transition, people are more open to change than in any other time in their lives.  People naturally set patterns and become settled into routines.  These patterns and routines can be good, but they can also be detrimental if they are unhealthy to the person or the people surrounding them.  In times of transition, an opportunity exists to modify a pattern or routine that will bring greater health to a person and their surroundings.

This is why most people set New Year’s resolutions.  They are transitioning from one year to the next.  Or birthdays and people’s desire to start a diet or exercise or read the Bible more… I’m sure you can name your own from the recent past.  The point is this: at definitive breaking points in life, people perceive an opportunity to change for the better.

I think the same is true for groups as well.  The size of the...

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It is one of our goals here at LINC NT that everybody in the family sphere is reached, from the parents to their children as well.  We now have a network of parents that are currently attending Bible studies and have been not only improving in their personal lives but revitalizing their interaction with their spouses and children, and their dynamic as a family has changed dramatically.

In the midst of all this, we were looking for ways to reach the young people in these families more directly.  These kids are sitting at home, sometimes not doing much, and going through the teenage phase without much support from other solid teenagers or mentors to help them make good decisions.  We have one family that we are praying for where the son is refusing to go to school now.  In other words, it is our priority to reach these young people in the home, outside the school atmosphere,...

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