SALI Public School Program

Our SALI (Student Advancement and Leadership Initiative) provides a unique opportunity for community leaders and mentors to enter the public school classroom and teach impactful character and leadership lessons. Our program challenges students to think differently about themselves, their peers, and their leadership potential. Family nights on each public school campus allow for parents to grow, retool and sharpen their skills as well as gives families a time to reconnect with each other through games and conversation.

Congratulations class of 2018! We are please to announce that LINC NT, through our SALI program, awarded over $7500 in college scholarships to seven exceptional students at Newman Smith, Creekview, Early College, and RL Turner high schools in May 2018. Thank you for your donations to the future of students in Carrollton-Farmers Branch.

Will SALI continue?  We have identified both leadership and organizations excited about and ready to continuing the work of public school character and leadership lessons with students and their families.

Please connect with this fresh leadership to volunteer, donate, apply to teach, or continue to learn about work with students and families.